What’s a Menu Surgeon?

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Education for Business Owners:

AT MENU SURGEON, we believe in freely sharing our marketing knowledge. When we find interesting videos or presentations, we’ll share them here. Have a marketing questions that you would like answered? Let us know on the CONTACT page.

We love Jon Taffer! He’s a no nonsense, let’s get it done kind of guy. Pay attention, because there’s some great, yet simple, old-school & new-school marketing techniques here.

Here’s some great things to think about when planning a new menu. When you hire the MENU SURGEON, you get a designer, copywriter, food photographer, and marketing consultant all-in-one!

Here are five things to look for on a menu that make it unhealthy. Not for your customers, but for your business.

You may have heard of Menu Engineering, but don’t know what that is. Here, we simplify & break it down for you.

Taking great food photos isn’t difficult. It just takes a little preparation. Here are some basic tips to make it easier.

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